Vinyl Night at Cups Coffee Shop!

***UPDATE: Buy anything at CUPS tonight during our vinyl night hang sesh, bring the receipt to the record store tomorrow and get 15% OFF any purchase! Receipt must be from tonight (7/15/14) after 8 p.m. Thanks, and see you there!***

We’re pleased to announce “Vinyl Night,” which we’ll be hosting with our friends at Cups: An Espresso Cafe over on West Jackson Ave.  Starting Tuesday, July 15 at 8 p.m. we’ll be spinning some of our favorite new and old records while sipping on coffee and hanging out.  We’re also encouraging folks to bring their own favorite records to play.  So grab a record and come chill with us at Cups on Tuesday, July 15th.  We’ll be there most of the night spinning records and talking about whatever.

We’ll be hosting “Vinyl Night” on the second Tuesday of each month, so if you can’t make it this time just come next time.  We may also be doing some promotions and give-aways as well…just for a little extra incentive to come. 

Vinyl Night at Cups for web use

We will be closed Friday, July 4th

The shop will be CLOSED Friday for the 4th of July

We will be open 10 a.m. ’til 3 p.m. on Saturday, July 5th

Normal hours (noon-5 p.m.) on Sunday, July 6th


PUJOL live in-store show July 18th!

pujolNashville’s PUJOL is coming to play our shop on Friday, July 18 at 5:30 in support of his sophomore album, KLUDGE, which is out now on Saddle Creek Records.

PUJOL will be playing a full show later that night at Lamar Lounge just down the street.

Read an interview with Daniel Pujol over at Consequence of Sound. 

You can also check out a profile on Pujol and the new record over at the Nashville Scene website.

Listen to a track and watch a video over on Brooklyn Vegan’s website.

Pujol’s website can be found here with lots of info.

pujol record cover


New Madrid In-Store Show Friday, July 11th!

new madrid Athens, GA band, NEW MADRID, will be playing a FREE in-store show on Friday, July 11 at 5 p.m. in support of their new record, “Sunswimmer,” which is out now on Normaltown Records.

The band will be playing a full show later that night at Proud Larry’s.  Get tickets here.

Band bio: From just south of the Appalachian Mountains, in the rolling hills of Athens, GA., comes the roaring young four-piece, New Madrid. Following the critical acclaim of their 2012 independently released album Yardboat, the band signed with Normaltown Records and promptly began work on their sophomore album Sunswimmer.

Recorded during a cool, rainy July, under the direction of David Barbe (Deerhunter, Drive-By Truckers), the aural landscapes forged in Sunswimmer become almost palpable. Combining reverb-drenched vocal harmonies, soaring underwater noise and floating, meandering melodies, the sounds don’t exit the speakers as much as they condense and hang in the air like the humid Athens summer that birthed them.

new madrid record cover

LP of the Month: Parquet Courts “Sunbathing Animal”

Parquet-Courts1Ok, we know. Lots of folks are talking about this record. It’s got some hype.  This band has some hype.  But you know what? Most of the hype is true and well deserved.  The reviews are true!  This record rules.  The Pavement fan in us can’t stop listening to it.  But it’s also something fresh.  It’s rock for sure, but it’s something different as well.  It’s slacker indie rock in 2014 when most new stuff coming out today goes through a laptop before it’s pressed on vinyl or is synth and reverb tinged to oblivion.  This record takes us back to the golden era of 90s indie rock while also bringing something new to the table in 2014–a fresh breath.  Parquet Courts’ last record, “Light Up Gold,” also ruled, and we sold a bunch of copies of it.  If you liked that record, then you’re gonna freak out over this one.  The singer also does the cover artwork for all their records, and he’s really good at it.  The album art is some of the best out there at the moment.  Buy the slab of vinyl, download the digital version onto your phone, and nod your head along to these songs until you’re singing along to every track.

For fans of: Pavement, Sonic Youth, Ty Segall, Pixies, Replacements

Alva Leigh in-store show THIS SATURDAY!

Come by the shop on Saturday, June 7th at 3 p.m. for a FREE in-store performance by Alva Leigh!

alva leigh

“Alva Leigh writes undeniably catchy pop songs. I’m talking ‘tie your earphones in a knot, sing at the top of your lungs and pretend the kids at the back of the bus can’t hear you’ catchy.” – DRUNKEN WEREWOLF

“Alva recreates stripped-back piano music in the same vein as her musical heroes and gives it contemporary punch.” – VULTURE HOUND MAG

“Alva’s addictive piano hooks and gloomy ruminating lyrics provide the perfect balance of angsty country pop and cleverly executed nods to the reality of love, life and those weird things, y’know, feelings.” – YOUNG GOLD TEETH

“Wonderfully crafted and delivered songs. What else would you expect from a Nashville expat?” – JEN ROBERTS / SOCIETY OF THE GOLDEN SLIPPERS

Rare Folk, Blues, and Country Records Coming Soon…

We recently acquired an amazing collection of used records that includes tons of rare folk, blues, international, old time country, and classical music records.  Lots of Folkways, Folklyric, and other famous labels known for putting out amazing and eccentric records.  We’re busy pricing them and hopefully they’ll be in the shop within the next week.  Stay tuned…

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