Open for LABOR DAY!

We will be open for LABOR DAY from noon ’til 5 p.m. on Monday, September 1st!  NO SCHOOL, NO WORK, ALL RECORD STORE!

New APHEX TWIN announced!

We are excited to announce the triumphant return of Aphex Twin with the release of the all new album SYRO on Tuesday, September 23rd from Warp Records. As a part of the celebration (did you see the blimp!?!) for the upcoming release, we have these indie-exclusive pre-order cards to reward anyone that pre-orders the new LP from our shop.  The new LP is $34.99.  This is similar to the Boards of Canada pre-order we did last year.

photo (51)

The cards will give you a secret URL to a Syro dedicated site with lots of goodies…only available from this pre-order campaign.

So, come in the shop, pre-order your copy of SYRO, get a download card, go home and play on the internet. Then when the album drops just bring your receipt and the card back to the store to pick up your copy.  This will also guarantee you a copy of the record so you don’t have to worry about it selling out!

The Soul of Designer Records

It’s been years in the making and we finally have it in our hands.  The 4 discs (over 100 songs!) that make up the excellent Designer Records set span years (1967-1977) of recordings of some of the best gospel groups around the South (and as far north as Detroit) by record producer extraordinaire Style Wooten out of Memphis.  Most folks were trying to record at SUN studios at the time but Wooten was up for recording any group that had a little cash and a dream.  The result is an astonishing collection of gospel 45 RPM singles and LPs that record hunters have been trying to track down for decades.  This box set represents those singles in a easy to swallow, convenience that CDs were made for (for the vinyl fanatic check out the Designer LPs also on Big Legal Mess).

designer 1

designer 2

“See, these gospel guys, man, they’re doing it for the love of what they’re doing. They used to get in their cars–maybe two or three car loads of ‘em–say from Detroit and they’d come down south and they’d work down here all Friday night and Saturday and Sunday; they might miss a day’s work, probably two days work, and get back home. While they was here they’d do a recording session and they’d play a bunch of different churches and take up the love offerings and everything.  They just did it for the love of it, that’s what it boiled down to. They were doin’ it ’cause they loved it, man”

-Roland Janes, engineer of nearly all the Designer recordings (quote is from the excellent liner notes by Michael Hurtt)

We highly recommend “The Soul of Designer Records” CD set! And if you can’t turn it off we recommend the Nashboro Records CD set released on the Tompkins Square label.  Both are in stock at The End of All Music.  Release date for “The Soul of Designer Records” is September 30th but we have some for sale RIGH NOW! 

Holy Ghost Electric Show FREE in-store performance!

We’ll be hosting our buddies The Holy Ghost Electric Show on Friday, August 22 at 5 p.m. for a FREE in-store performance in support of their recent signing to This is American Music and the release of their record, The Great American Holy Ghost Electric Show.  We’ll have copies of the album for sale at the show.

hogo show

some info from the label: 

Corinth is in northeast Mississippi. It is not in the famed Delta. It is not on the redneck riviera of the gulf coast. It is nestled in the hills that will become the mountains. It is of the land  Mississippi Fred McDowell and the Hill Country bluesmen R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough sprouted roots. It is the big bright buckle of America’s Bible Belt and it is the original home of Holy Ghost Electric Show. Depending on what you would imagine the sons of preachers playing rock music in Corinth would sound like, HGES sounds exactly what you imagine…or nothing like it. Brothers Cody (songwriter, lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Jake Rogers (guitar and banjo), Will Shirley (guitar), Conner Wroten (bass), Austin Wheeler (drums) and Jesse James (trombone and keys), have created by way of their debut, THE GREAT AMERICAN, an album that speaks well beyond their years (the band has a median age of 22 year

The brothers Rogers were raised with issues of religion, race and moral equivocation worn on sleeves…not hidden or neglected in favor of more polite conversation. Their father started a church designed to bring rival gang members into the same building to worship together. This was their childhood. Cody’s songs bear this out. Touching on these subjects and many others of both the personal and global variety, he weaves word and sound into anthems of triumph and wonderment. Musically, the band utilizes country and folk rhythms but indulges rock ‘n roll and noise rock, recalling influences as disparate as Topanga Canyon and the Elephant 6 Collective. As Rogers says, “America’s a melting pot, and our music is the same way.” That fact is due, in part, to the fact that the band began to take its current form in the friendly college town of nearby Oxford, Mississippi…home of the Ole Miss Rebels, Fat Possum Records, John Currence, the Taylor Grocery and a musical culture and lineage that would make any big city jealous. It was in Oxford that HGES hones its sound and began to start winning over audiences. Whether standing atop tables at Proud Larry’s or playing Fringefest at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center, Holy Ghost is steadily working and steadily welcoming more and more fans to the fold.

Honestly, there are two Holy Ghost Electric Shows. There is the band you listen to late at night on your headphones and there is the band you see whipping crowds into a frenzy and leaving nothing on the stage. HGES does an amazing job of taking the songs from their debut (as well as a few choice covers and new songs) and giving them room to erupt live. Guitars are being traded…trombones marching through crowds…drum sets crashed…everyone is screaming…it’s rock and roll and it’s hot and it’s sweaty and it’s the Electric Show, to which audiences from all over the Magnolia State will testify. Preach.

Cats Purring Mystic Saloon

We’re DJing at Proud Larry’s THIS FRIDAY, August 15! We’ll be joining Dent May and Carson Culver on the decks.  We’ll be kicking the night off in the first slot starting around 9 or so.  OH YEAH! IT’S FREE!

See a video flyer for the event right HERE.

Jimmy is leaving :(

Jimmy Cajoleas at the store

We’re sad to see our buddy and co-worker Jimmy Cajoleas leave Oxford.  He’ll be heading to New Orleans in early August.  Jimmy has been working at The End of All Music since we opened in March 2012 and he’s been the lifeblood of the shop.  You may remember him on Record Store Day morning ringing up everyone’s purchases with a sleepy-eyed grin and making great, enthusiastic comments like, “this is great!,” and “they just keep on coming!”  Jimmy is responsible for all the punk records in the store too. You’re welcome Black Flag fans.  He’s also responsible for us stocking that Refused reissue when it came out (see above photo).  He’s also the reason we’re now Swans fans.  Jimmy always has the one punk record on the Staff Picks shelf–it’s usually a young band with the un-jaded energy of taking over the world three chords at a time (I think most recently it’s been White Lung).  Jimmy is the clerk on Sunday that’s always there for you.  He loves to talk about Todd Rundgren records, your girlfriend/boyfriend dumping you, horror films, books, or pretty much anything else and above all he’s just a nice dude.  We’re losing a good one when Jimmy leaves, so come by the shop the next few Sundays and say farewell.  We’ll miss you, Jimmy! Good luck in New Orleans!

-The End of All Music



Need to fill a jukebox? Want to dip your toe into the world of 45 collecting? Got a DJ gig coming up? This is the perfect opportunity to get some great records at a great price.

Support the Blues Trail

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We just got our new Blues Trail car tag in! It’s a beauty.  The Blues Trail car tag is one of the many ways you can help support one of the most important causes our state has to offer.  The Blues Trail is extremely important for the continued education of one of the most important musical heritages in the world.  It’s also an excellent tourism attraction for the state of Mississippi. We need to do all we can to keep the Blues Trail going.  And if you’re ever in Oxford, check out our very own Blues Trail markers;  “Documenting the Blues” at Ole Miss and “Oxford Blues” on the Square!

We also have Blues Trail maps and blues festival calendars in the shop if you’d like more info.  THEY’RE FREE! You can also check out for more info.

LP of the Month: Lewis “L’Amour”

l-amour-deluxe-vinylUPDATE: THEY FOUND LEWIS!

Light in the Attic’s latest reissue from the wild world of quiet synth music is here!  Who the hell is this Lewis guy? The liner notes do a fantastic job at answering this question while the man still seems so mysterious.  Look at that album artwork.  It’s hard to tell what the music is actually going to sound like and I promise you that you’ll never guess.  But drop the needle on this mystical record and pouring out of your speakers comes the most mesmerizing, quiet, heartbreakingly sweet synth folk music ever put to tape…at least that’s a possibility.  How was this lost in the ether for so long?  What else is out there like this? These are valid questions but for now we have Lewis and his “L’Amour” LP, and that suits us just fine.  The record comes housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with even more photos of our boy Lewis, and those aforementioned liner notes, which make for some fine reading while basking in the synth/acoustic guitar cashmere blanket of a record this is.  We highly recommend adding this to your summer playlist and letting it carry you through all the changing seasons to come.  Wherever you are Lewis, thank you!

Vinyl Night at Cups Coffee Shop!

***UPDATE: Buy anything at CUPS tonight during our vinyl night hang sesh, bring the receipt to the record store tomorrow and get 15% OFF any purchase! Receipt must be from tonight (7/15/14) after 8 p.m. Thanks, and see you there!***

We’re pleased to announce “Vinyl Night,” which we’ll be hosting with our friends at Cups: An Espresso Cafe over on West Jackson Ave.  Starting Tuesday, July 15 at 8 p.m. we’ll be spinning some of our favorite new and old records while sipping on coffee and hanging out.  We’re also encouraging folks to bring their own favorite records to play.  So grab a record and come chill with us at Cups on Tuesday, July 15th.  We’ll be there most of the night spinning records and talking about whatever.

We’ll be hosting “Vinyl Night” on the second Tuesday of each month, so if you can’t make it this time just come next time.  We may also be doing some promotions and give-aways as well…just for a little extra incentive to come. 

Vinyl Night at Cups for web use