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Label Spotlight: LIGHT IN THE ATTIC

One of our favorite re-issue labels of late is Seattle, Washington based LIGHT IN THE ATTIC Records. ¬†They are simply killing it with obscure reissues of classic records. ¬†Seriously, everything they put out is worth listening to…not to mention the eye for detail when it comes to packaging and liner notes. ¬†The time put into each of their releases is instantly noticeable, and then you play the record and it all makes sense why they would want to treat each release so meticulously.

As of late they’ve released the excellent Donnie & Joe Emerson “Dreamin’ Wild” LP as well as an exhausted look at folk singer Rodriquez–including the soundtrack to the excellent documentary Searching for Sugar Man. ¬†We still have a few copies of the limited colored vinyl copy of “Searching for Sugar Man.” ¬†Go see the movie and then buy the record!

Light in the Attic is also responsible for the Wendy Rene singles collection that came out earlier this year featuring the hit single “BBQ.” ¬†This record wins people over every time we play it in the store.

Stay tuned for an amazing Lee Hazelwood 45 box set coming out on Record Store Day Black Friday.

Read more on the label at their website here.

Here are just a few of the excellent releases from Light in the Attic that we have in our shop:

Come by the shop to see more releases from LIGHT IN THE ATTIC!



We’ve been spinning a lot of classic dub records at the shop lately. ¬†If you’ve been by you’ve noticed. ¬†It probably has something to do with our recent visit to Domino Sound in New Orleans. ¬†More on that here.

Well, now we’ve gone and stocked up our dub section so everyone can enjoy. ¬†We hit up ClockTower Records¬†and got them to ship us some great records by King Tubby, Scientist, Roots Radics and more.

Here are just a few…



Old Homestead Records was founded in 1971 by John Morris, a pharmacist, deejay, Appalachian migrant, and resident of Brighton, Michigan who loved traditional old time and bluegrass music. John started the label initially as a means to issue both old and newly recorded material by Wade Mainer, a country music star of the 1930s and 1940s who had relocated to Michigan in 1953 and sang at the time only in churches. After Wade retired from his day job at General Motors in 1972, he re-entered the musical world and went on to record many albums, cassettes, and compact discs for Old Homestead. The earliest two releases bore the name “Homestead,” but since there was another Homestead Record label, John altered the name to “Old Homestead” and it has so remained for four decades.

Perhaps even more significant than the bluegrass series were the numerous recordings of old-time music from pre-World War II era. Old Homestead’s initial foray into this field began with a reissue of the early recordings of Molly O’Day and Lynn Davis. Over the next fifteen years, John not only reissued all of her early recordings, but two albums she had done in the sixties as well. Old Homestead eventually did re-issue albums by such key figures from the early days of country music as Uncle Dave Macon, Ernest Stoneman, the Callahan Brothers, Bradley Kincaid, the Delmore Brothers, the Dixon Brothers, and of course earlier efforts of Mainer’s Mountaineers. Some of the material had originally been on radio transcriptions-such as Lew Childre, Charlie Bailey, Bluegrass Roy Freeman, and the Bailes Brothers-and not generally available to the record buying public.

No record label was as important for bluegrass in the midwest as Old Homestead Records.¬† Still one of the rare recording companies that puts out country music form the 1920’s, the ongoing legacy of Old Homestead is its dedication to making old time music accessible for the current and future generations.

Here’s a look into our collection of Old Homestead Records at The End of All Music:¬†


Come by the shop to see the entire collection.

Label Spotlight: STAX

Founded in Memphis in 1957 as¬†Satellite Records, the name Stax Records was adopted in 1961. The label was a major factor in the creation of the¬†Southern soul¬†and¬†Memphis soul¬†music styles, also releasing¬†gospel,¬†funk,¬†jazz, and¬†blues¬†recordings. ¬†The label helped¬†launch the careers of unknowns who would become icons, cranking out a massive catalog of smash soul hits by the likes of¬†Isaac Hayes,¬†Otis Redding,¬†the Staple Singers,¬†Wilson Pickett,¬†Luther Ingram,¬†Albert King,¬†the Bar-Kays,¬†Booker T. & the MG’s,¬†Johnnie Taylor,¬†Rufus and Carla Thomas, Sam & Dave, and dozens of other artists whose influence remains vital in the music of today. On its many and varied labels, Stax Records also recorded such legends as¬†Big Star,¬†Rev. Jesse Jackson,¬†Bill Cosby,¬†Moms Mabley, and the Grammy-winning comedic genius¬†Richard Pryor.

Here are a few Stax titles we have in our shop:

Wendy Rene Stax and Volt singles just out on Light in the Attic Records (This record is amazing):

We also have a large selection of Stax/Volt 45s.

To read more about Stax visit their website here.

Label Spotlight: Sun Records

Sun Records was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 27, 1952.

Founded by¬†Sam Phillips, Sun Records was known for giving notable¬†musicians¬†such as¬†Elvis Presley¬†(whose¬†recording contract¬†was sold to¬†RCA Victor Records¬†for $35,000 in 1955 to relieve financial difficulties Phillips’ Sun was going through),¬†Carl Perkins,¬†Roy Orbison, and¬†Johnny Cash¬†their first¬†recording contracts¬†and helping to launch their careers. Before those days Sun Records had mainly been noted for¬†recording¬†African-American¬†artists, as Phillips loved¬†Rhythm and Blues¬†and wanted to get black music recorded for a white audience. It was Sun¬†record producer¬†and¬†engineer,¬†Jack Clement, who discovered and recorded¬†Jerry Lee Lewis, while owner Sam Phillips was away on a trip to¬†Florida. The original Sun Records¬†logo¬†was designed by John Gale Parker, Jr., a resident of Memphis and¬†high school¬†classmate of Phillips.

Here are just a few Sun Records titles we have in our shop:

Next time you’re in Memphis go by Sun Records and tour the studio.


Label Spotlight: Numero Group

We’re proud to have a nice selection of Numero Group releases (both on CD and Vinyl) in our shop. ¬†They put out amazing reissues and compilations including the Syl Johnson box set which is one of the most impressive releases we have in the store. ¬†Their “Eccentric Soul” series is worth checking out as well. ¬†Read more about Numero Group here.

Our Numero rack:

Syl Johnson Complete Mythology CD/LP box set (Read a review from the New York Times here):

N006- Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up LP:

N027- Eccentric Soul: Smart’s Palace LP:


N024- Titan! It’s All Pop LP/CD box set (with comprehensive book):