Sun Records was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 27, 1952.

Founded by¬†Sam Phillips, Sun Records was known for giving notable¬†musicians¬†such as¬†Elvis Presley¬†(whose¬†recording contract¬†was sold to¬†RCA Victor Records¬†for $35,000 in 1955 to relieve financial difficulties Phillips’ Sun was going through),¬†Carl Perkins,¬†Roy Orbison, and¬†Johnny Cash¬†their first¬†recording contracts¬†and helping to launch their careers. Before those days Sun Records had mainly been noted for¬†recording¬†African-American¬†artists, as Phillips loved¬†Rhythm and Blues¬†and wanted to get black music recorded for a white audience. It was Sun¬†record producer¬†and¬†engineer,¬†Jack Clement, who discovered and recorded¬†Jerry Lee Lewis, while owner Sam Phillips was away on a trip to¬†Florida. The original Sun Records¬†logo¬†was designed by John Gale Parker, Jr., a resident of Memphis and¬†high school¬†classmate of Phillips.

Here are just a few Sun Records titles we have in our shop:

Next time you’re in Memphis go by Sun Records and tour the studio.