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LP of the Month: Toy Love “Live at the Gluepot 1980″

Our LP of the Month for December (sorry we’re a little late on this) is New Zealand punks Toy Love’s “Live at the Gluepot.” Goner Records, out of Memphis, just released this live recording from 1980 on double vinyl, which happens to be the bands last live show before calling it quits.

If you’re a fan of the Flying Nun label out of New Zealand, BUY THIS RECORD! It instantly reminded me of those great records by The Clean and Chris Knox, just a little faster and more punk in some instances. Β It’s also just a great live record. The actual recording, which is covered in the excellent liner notes, is really good. Β The liner notes are really good too. And that cover! One of the best record covers of the year.

Key tracks: “Photographs of Naked Ladies,” “Unscrewed Up,” “I Wanna Die With You,” plus the stage banter is aweseome…