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WILCOย has a new record dropping on Friday, September 9th BUT you can get it a few days early from us! We’re hosting a release/listening party on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th from 5-6 p.m.ย where we’ll be spinning the new record, raffling off some Wilco stuff including a test pressing of the new record, and drinking beer!

Check out our Facebook event for the party here.

From the record label:ย 

Hear the new Wilco album Schmilco for the first time ever onย Tuesday, September 6ย at ย The End of All Music, and take home the vinyl, tooย (three days before its wide release onย Sept. 9).

There will be exclusives to win, too: white label Schmilco vinyl, slipmats featuring Joan Cornellร  artwork + some shocking surprises.