It’s been a minute since we’ve updated our LP of the Month section…so we’re making up for it by selecting 4 excellent records that are all recent new releases from what’s shaping up to be an amazing year for new records.

First up! Steve Gunn’s “Way Out Weather” (Paradise of Bachelors) has been getting ample play time in the shop.  It’s a super chill record and I’ve yet to play it for someone that didn’t like it or buy it on the spot.  Gunn’s guitar work is perfect for Mississippi fall weather and the changing leaves. It’s also a perfect driving record.  So if you’re on the road a lot this fall, pick this record up.  The vinyl comes with a digital download…so buy the vinyl and get the best of both worlds.  “Way Out Weather” has also been garnering lots of great reviews. Read some here.

Next! Total Control’s “Typical System” (Iron Lung) is one of my favorite records of the year…easily.  The record covers a broad range of genres and touches on lots of influences.  Ryan (drummer from Nude Beach) recommended this record to me while I was shopping at Other Music, and he did me right.  I listen to it over and over and still pick up on new sounds every time.  “Typical System” has also been getting excellent reviews.  The Guardian said it best; “Postpunk, hardcore, krautrock and odd, spacey lounge-jazz are all sucked up and bent brilliantly out of shape over the course of an album that’s abrasive but accessible, awkward but assured.”

Next! PC Worship’s “Social Rust” (Northern Spy) is probably the craziest sounding record in this batch. It’s also the weirdest and most abrasive–hate to use the word abrasive for its negative connotations, but it’s the perfect word for this record in the same way it’s the perfect word for describing a Swans record.  This record was recommended by Steven of FLIGHT and that makes sense because it sounds like something FLIGHT would make.  It’s a fascinatingly strange record and really fun to turn up really loud and weird out your neighbors.

Last but not least! The Shivas’ “You Know What To Do” (K Records) is pure, catchy pop rock.  It’s some of the best songwriting of this kind since we picked Gentlemen Jesse’s “Leaving Atlanta” as our LP of the Month when we first opened the record store back in 2012.  I just can’t stop listening to this record and now I know all the words and it’s easy as hell to sing along.  The surfy, garage guitar is also a huge plus and makes this record sound like it’s from the mid 1960s in all the right way. You can preview this record right here.

Come by the shop and we’ll gladly play any of these records for you…we’re excited about them all!