We’re here to help you find the right gift for the music nerd in your life… 

Lots of great stuff available in our online shop, but nothing beats coming into our store in downtown Oxford.


1.) A subscription to our Record of the Month Club

The gift that keeps on giving all year long. If you’d signed up for the ROTM Club back when we started it you’d now have autographed records from Kurt Vile, Yo La Tengo, Guided by Voices, Car Seat Headrest, Spoon, David Berman, Bill Callahan, Beach House, Super Chunk, plus tons of limited, now out-of-print records. 

Our record club is a perfect way to get turned on to new music, get limited-edition vinyl releases, expand your taste and grow your record collection all at once. Each month we’ll select one vinyl record and mail it to your door (or you can swing by the shop and pick it up). The selections will cover all genres of music and will include new releases and classic reissues–sometimes regional but not exclusively. We’ll also throw in special promo goodies with each record. And don’t worry, you’ll never get some totally weird record. We’re not trying to impress you with our taste, but rather offer you some fine records you may have otherwise missed.

We offer a monthly subscription for $25/month as well as 3-month/$75, 6-month/$140, or yearly/$280 subscriptions (that’s a free record!) plus $5 shipping fee with each record (or in-store pick up if you live in town).



2.) A new TURNTABLE! We carry a wide variety of record players starting at just $99.99.

We carry very respectable brands like Audio Technica, Music Hall, Rega, Ortofon, Grado, as well as some vintage gear. Our pricing–for the most part–is competitive or better than many online retailers (yes, even Amazon!). We’ll also show you the ins-and-outs of turntables–how they work, what makes one better than the other, why analog is better than digital…

We also carry several brands of powered speakersAudioengine and Edifier. Powered speakers are a convenient way to pair the turntables we sell and the sound from these is just incredible. Powered speakers start at just $100.

We know you can probably snag a $60 all-in-one system at Walmart (those weird suitcase looking things), but we highly recommend not doing that. It’s worth it to spend the extra cash in the name of quality. Your ears and your records will thank you…we promise.

Come by the shop for a demo or to just chat about stereos and records. We’re always here!


3.) Something to hold your records! 

We’ve got record frames, record totes made by the original 1960’s brand Tune Totes, as well as record crates.


4.) Rare Records! 

For the record collector or super fan…you never know what we’ll have up on our walls.


5.) Grado Headphones

The best in the game. Handmade in Brooklyn. Starting at $79.99



We’ve got every genre. New AND used records. Reissues. New releases. Even limited pressings like this RL Burnside pressed on blue vinyl by our friends at Fat Possum Records…200 copies and only available at The End of All Music.


7.) Record store swag! 

We’ve got t-shirts, coffee mugs, turntable slipmats, 45 adapters, sweatshirts, hats, record cleaner, and more!



Let ’em get what they want…

Buy online or come by the shop.


9.) One of the Best Records of the Decade

We compiled a list of our favorite records from 2012 (when we opened!) to 2019. Check ’em out here.


10.) Don’t need any records… we also have a variety of vintage, Turkish rugs from Alexine. Come by the shop to see what’s on the floor, swing by the Alexine booth at the Antique Depot next to Big Bad Breakfast, or check out the Alexine website.