Bitter Southerner reached out to us in December to comment on our favorite album of the year. We wrote them back…

“I bought this album twice: one on vinyl for the home stereo and one on CD for my truck. The record seems made for these times — a record that can fit any moment. Dawn’s New Orleans roots aren’t as present here as her last album, Second Line, but her talent is on full display, and it’s amazing to see her totally own the neoclassical world of modern avant-garde music.”

When it became time to pick the January selection for our Record of the Month Club, Pigments seemed like a no brainer. The album is the perfect winter album. It’s also the perfect album for a world constantly changing, constantly moving faster and getting weirder–and despite being winter–getting warmer. Dawn’s previous work has been much more R&B/pop oriented showing off her New Orleans roots (and you should check out all of her albums…they’re incredible), but with Pigments, she–along with collaborator Spencer Zahn–bring us into the ambient landscapes of contemporary avant-guard, neoclassical music. The album take Richard’s vocals to a new level, to a new space and time, and Zahn’s spacious compositions are the perfect stage. It’s beautiful.

Club members will be getting a copy of Pigments pressed on sky-blue vinyl. Dawn Richard has also signed most of the copies, and for those that don’t get a signed album, you’ll be getting an autographed art zine–both are worthy of any record collection. Everyone will be getting a signed poster. All of this is courtesy of the artists and the amazing folks at Merge Records (shoutout Dave!) 

The records will begin shipping out asap.

Sign up now to get this one. We promise it’s not to be missed. 

Pigments is not necessarily built for movement, but it’s as moving as any of Richard’s previous output. No other album is quite like it.” –AllMusic

“Richard’s voice slowly becomes an instrument that blends into this song cycle, creating a blissful spiritual balm.” –Uncut

“They each bring out some of each other’s best work. … The tracks where Richard takes a back seat spotlight Zahn’s remarkable maturation as a composer; overcoming the slightly somnolent pleasantness of his previous work, he creates rich, mesmerizing arrangements that subtly shift the mood from piece to piece.” –Pitchfork

“Richard may not be the most distinctive lyricist, yet she still leaves a strong impression. Her uniquely hazy voice and the way she adds unusual trills to her stanzas means that the listener is always aware of her presence.” –The Wire

“From start to finish, Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn have created a truly refreshing body of work, a seamless experience. Pigments encourages one to reach outside of their comfort zone, to listen more closely, more openly.” –Clash Music