The first impression of Julianna Riolino’s debut album, All Blue, is the striking cover nod to Judee Sill. We’re huge fans of Judee Sill and with a cover like that we had to know more about All Blue, then we heard the songs and knew it was a perfect fall record. The album is also the October pick for our Record of the Month Club.

Club members will be getting a copy of the vinyl album from record label, You’ve Changed Records. The vinyl features a heavy tip-on sleeve like the Folkways records of old. It’s a beautiful album all around and the perfect record for falling leaves. 

The record will ship around the October 14th release date. 

Listen to an interview with Julianna on a recent episode of the excellent Kreative Kontrol podcast:

Julianna Riolino is best known for her increasingly prominent role as a member of Daniel Romano’s Outfit. On All Blue she displays a rare ability to re-envision the warmest strands of musical sepia and put her own individualist stamp on them, mixing a hefty dose of wit and wordplay into pitch-perfect representations of classic Americana tropes, sung in a powerful and unique voice, rich in character and attitude.

Julianna Riolino knows how to capture and highlight beauty before it fades. She spent her days running up to the release of her solo debut helping restore the stained glass windows at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto. Surrounded by symbols configured in bits of 19th century French glass, Riolino couldn’t help but reflect on her own past and the memories of pains, healing, and love strewn through it. “It made me think about life as a balancing act, and we’re all just trying to do our best to navigate it,” she says. That focus on morality and the stretch of time seeped naturally into Riolino’s Americana-indebted songwriting, resulting in the golden, fluid All Blue, due October 14th from You’ve Changed Records. “If I was a painter, this would be my blue period,” she says. “I’m looking at my life, all my decisions lined up, and either atoning for them or laughing them off.”