Hey everyone,

We’d like to thank all the folks who have preordered the upcoming live WSP box sets from us! We really appreciate it and we’re excited to get these records to you.
Unfortunately, we’ve just received word from the band’s distributor that the box sets have been pushed back to a October 25 release date. We were expecting the records to be in our hands and shipped out to you by September 13th, but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen.
From the distributor: 
“I know fans are salivating over the Panic releases. The band is hands on with both releases, working to get the best sound transfer possible for each slab of wax. We will continue to follow up as we know you’re getting hit with questions daily.”
It sounds like to us maybe there was a manufacturing problem but that is pure speculation on our part. We know everyone is working hard to get these records done right and out to the fans.
We mainly just want to continue to be transparent regarding all the preorders and we’ll be in touch with any new details as we get them.
Thanks again for supporting an independent record shop by purchasing these through us. It means more than you know.
If you haven’t preordered a copy and would like to, just head to our online shop here
Talk soon,
David and The End of All Music crew