The August selection for our Record of the Month Club is the excellent new record from The War on Drugs. We were given a taste of this new record back on Record Store Day with a limited, 12″ single release, and man, it blew us away…epic rock! The last record from The War on Drugs–Lost in the Dream from 2014–was our favorite record of the year, so we’ve got high expectations for the new record, and it delivers!

Record of the Month Club members will get a copy of the album pressed on limited, coke-bottle colored vinyl. This version is only available at independent record shops. Members will also get a little something extra…so stay tuned 😉 The record drops on August 25th, so it’ll ship out around then.

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From SPIN magazine (full article):

“A Deeper Understanding, the fourth album from Philly’s beloved War on Drugs, arrives August 25. The timing is perfect. This is when summer begins its slow dissolve. You’ve still got a solid month of beach weather left, but you’re already preoccupied with everything you have or haven’t managed to do in the days that are already used up. You convince yourself that you’re actually going to miss the humidity and grit of the season, and the air takes on a glow that’s all the more appealing for the knowledge that it will expire soon. This kind of nostalgia for the present is the War on Drugs’ specialty, and on the second Deeper Understanding single “Strangest Thing,” they’re serving it up in fine form.”

From Pitchfork (full article):

“While “Thinking of a Place”—our first taste from the band’s upcoming album, A Deeper Understanding—spent its 11-plus minutes patiently building toward a zen denouement, “Holding On” is decidedly action-packed. Buoyed by Meg Duffy’s winding slide guitar and a bouncing synth line, it shifts from hook to hook—dazzling with its intricacy or washing over you with its smoothness, depending on how closely you’re listening. It ends with a glimmering descending melody and pitch-shifted vocal motif, maybe the first moment in a War on Drugs song that could be described as “whimsical.” It still sounds like the past, but it feels like moving on.”