We didn’t pick a holiday-tunes record for December this year, instead we picked the new instrumental album from Ben Chasny, The Intimate Landscape. Chasny’s album–released by Drag City Records and the legendary British library music label, KPM–is a truly unique experience. The record fits nearly any space where it’s being listened to. The album can act as the perfect music for a cold night in during the upcoming winter months or a fire-pit hang with close friends and good drinks. The record is truly beautiful and peaceful and deserves time on your turntable during the holidays.

From Drag City: 

KPM Music, the legendary British library music company, extended an offer to Chasny to make some songs for their library. Well aware of their history, he immediately agreed. The field of library music (music made for hire, for use in placement in films and advertising) is one that’s come to public consciousness only relatively recently in the long century of record-making, but the influence of such records has been felt for years in the aesthetics of many diverse artists, including several who’ve recorded for Drag City. So it’s a special thing for Drag City, whose appreciation for Ben’s unique artistry has been borne out over a countless variety of releases, to issue this really amazing entry in both the KPM Music tradition and the ever-expanding Ben Chasny/Six Organs of Admittance ouvre.

Going for melody, Chasny employs a relaxed technical facility, supported by a few guitar overdubs, plus several well-placed synths and a passage of wordless vocalizing, accessing the murky depths of his reservoir of spirituality while hand-spinning irresistible sonic candy at the same time. This is a greatly engrossing listening experience, regardless of what the listener’s intentions are.