We’re excited to team up with the excellent Colemine Records for another Record of the Month Club pick!

For February we’re sending out the sophomore album from Minnesota’s Black Market Brass, Undying Thirst–an album of heavy and intense afrobeat funk, so fans of Budos and Antibalas will be right at home with this group.

Undying Thirst, is a noxious brew of diesel and bleach; a special long-player full of wasteoid rippers for skullduggerous hover-bike gangs peddling fugazi relics and snake oil tinctures. Hellacious guitars, nitrous-charged percussion, a brass section harsher than paint-thinner, and a special batch of short-circuited electronics and synthesizers will leave your head buzzing into the 31st century. Blasting Undying Thirst from your home speaker system is like going over a waterfall in a rusted out oil barrel, long after the sun has boiled the falls dry…really fun(ky)…a perfect record for Mardi Gras season 😉

LP is packaged in high quality Stoughton Tip-On gatefold jacket, LP stored in an anti-static innsersleeve, and includes a download card. Pressed at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, OH.

Club Members will be getting the limited, clear-gold colored vinyl.