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We just acquired a huge collection of R.E.M. LPs, 12″ singles, bootlegs, 7″ singles, picture discs, colored vinyl and other crazy records. Β This has got to be one of the best R.E.M. collections I’ve ever seen. Β We’re pricing them now and they’re hitting the racks as we go. Β We even had to start a new R.E.M.-only crate. Β Most of the LPs and 12″s have been priced…the 45s are up next.

Here’s a taste…

photo (24)

photo (25)photo (23)photo (30)photo (26)photo (27)photo (28)photo (29)photo (31)photo (32)photo (33)photo (34)photo (35)

I’ll post some pics of the 45s once they’re priced…