We’re excited to be attending this year’s AIMS (Alliance of Independent Media Stores) conference in Atlanta this week.  We were invited to attend the conference as a guest store.  Some of our favorite record stores around the country (Grimey’s, End of an Ear, Criminal Records, etc.) are AIMS affiliates and they all do great work in promoting indie record stores and labels.  So, we hope to learn a thing or two, hang out with like-minded folks, and maybe even come back with some new records.

Jimmy, Bill, and Jake will be holding down the store this week so come by and say hello, browse the new releases and fresh used stock hitting the shelves, and stay tuned for more exciting announcements from YOUR local record store.

You can read more about AIMS here.


p.s. Check out our new hand-painted sign hanging out front courtesy of Mr. Bill Warren of Water Valley, Mississippi.

new sign