GP instore

Greater Pyrenees–the new project from Colour Revolt-alum Sean Kirkpatrick–is playing in the record store on Friday, May 27th at 5 p.m. in support of their excellent debut album, which is out RIGHT NOW!

The in-store is free and all ages.

from a recent write up in the Clarion Ledger:

Greater Pyrenees can trace its roots back to music Kirkpatrick began making before joining Colour Revolt

“There was a great deal of stuff held inside that I couldn’t do in Colour Revolt because it was more aggressive,” Kirkpatrick said.

Lead singles “Homemade Blood” and “Close” display the meticulous care Kirkpatrick and producer Andrew Ratcliffe of Tweed Studios in Oxford put into the album. Layered and complex, the Greater Pyrenees debut offers new nuances with each listen.

Track “In The Morning” is the closest Kirkpatrick comes to rocking out like his Colour Revolt days. “See Me,” is the type of sad, romantic song that really challenged Kirkpatrick, he said.

“If you can convince the person that your voice is genuine, then you can sing a song about anything.”

“The Greater Pyrenees” is the first release by label Procrastinate! Music Traitors, which was started by members of Brand New. Kirkpatrick formed a bond with lead singer Jesse Lacey while touring with Colour Revolt.

They lost touch over the years, but Kirkpatrick attended a Brand New show in Oxford two years ago and reconnected. He was shocked and excited when they selected “Greater Pyrenees” as the first release on the label.

“There is more music out there than there has ever been, but there are also more opportunities,” Kirkpatrick said. “It’s a positive and negative aspect. You’re diving into an ocean filled almost to the brim with fish … Now I’ve got to swim in this crazy aquarium of music everywhere.”

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