Jimmy Cajoleas at the store

We’re sad to see our buddy and co-worker Jimmy Cajoleas leave Oxford.  He’ll be heading to New Orleans in early August.  Jimmy has been working at The End of All Music since we opened in March 2012 and he’s been the lifeblood of the shop.  You may remember him on Record Store Day morning ringing up everyone’s purchases with a sleepy-eyed grin and making great, enthusiastic comments like, “this is great!,” and “they just keep on coming!”  Jimmy is responsible for all the punk records in the store too. You’re welcome Black Flag fans.  He’s also responsible for us stocking that Refused reissue when it came out (see above photo).  He’s also the reason we’re now Swans fans.  Jimmy always has the one punk record on the Staff Picks shelf–it’s usually a young band with the un-jaded energy of taking over the world three chords at a time (I think most recently it’s been White Lung).  Jimmy is the clerk on Sunday that’s always there for you.  He loves to talk about Todd Rundgren records, your girlfriend/boyfriend dumping you, horror films, books, or pretty much anything else and above all he’s just a nice dude.  We’re losing a good one when Jimmy leaves, so come by the shop the next few Sundays and say farewell.  We’ll miss you, Jimmy! Good luck in New Orleans!

-The End of All Music