Jimmy Cajoleas at the store

We’re sad to see our buddy and co-worker Jimmy Cajoleas leave Oxford. Β He’ll be heading to New Orleans in early August. Β Jimmy has been working at The End of All Music since we opened in March 2012 and he’s been the lifeblood of the shop. Β You may remember him on Record Store Day morning ringing up everyone’s purchases with a sleepy-eyed grin and making great, enthusiastic comments like, “this is great!,” and “they just keep on coming!” Β Jimmy is responsible for all the punk records in the store too. You’re welcome Black Flag fans. Β He’s also responsible for us stocking that Refused reissue when it came out (see above photo). Β He’s also the reason we’re now Swans fans. Β Jimmy always has the one punk record on the Staff Picks shelf–it’s usually a young band with the un-jaded energy of taking over the world three chords at a time (I think most recently it’s been White Lung). Β Jimmy is the clerk on Sunday that’s always there for you. Β He loves to talk about Todd Rundgren records, your girlfriend/boyfriend dumping you, horror films, books, or pretty much anything else and above all he’s just a nice dude. Β We’re losing a good one when Jimmy leaves, so come by the shop the next few Sundays and say farewell. Β We’ll miss you, Jimmy! Good luck in New Orleans!

-The End of All Music