Dirty Beaches DriftersThis LP of the Month is a little different than normal. Β This is kind of a curve ball and it’s definitely not a record that everyone is going to like, but I like to challenge listeners every once in a while as I like to be challenged when it comes to new records. Β It’s refreshing to hear something so totally different from everything else. Β So, go sample some tracks online (like here) before committing to the purchase, but I guarantee this is a record that will end up on your turntable a lot more than you expect after the first listen.

Dirty Beaches is the work of one man, Alex Zhang Hungtai. Β Some of you may have seen him at the Cats Purring Dude Ranch a few years back when he was touring behind his excellent debut album, “Badlands.” Β That show was great. Β “Badlands” was kind of a psychedelic, droning, rockabilly record. Β “Drifters/Love is the Devil,” isn’t a complete departure from the style of “Badlands,” but it still takes some crazy turns toward more ambient, experimental music. Β Lots of records come to mind when I first listened to “Drifters”–William Basinski’s “DisintegrationΒ Loops,” Miles Davis’ “In a Silent Way,” maybe some weird Howlin’ Wolf recordings–but at the same time I couldn’t really describe it at all. Β It’s something to be heard, and to digest. Β As I’ve said before, this is one of the most interesting records I’ve heard in a while. Β Hopefully Alex will come play in Oxford again, because I’d love to see him. –DS

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