lonnie holleyLonnie Holley is a folk artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. For years he’s been making amazing outsider art and now, thanks to Dust-to-Digital, we can hear some of Lonnie’s excellent recordings. ย “Keeping a Record of It,” is the first new release from Dust-to-Digital that isn’t a reissue. ย It’s also Lonnie’s second collection of songs (please check out “Just Before Music” too!). ย “Keeping a Record,” will suck you in with it’s almost trance like melodies, meanwhile Lonnie’s vocals and lyrics keep you grounded and interested in what he may say next. ย It’s almost like he’s preaching the good Word until you figure out he’s on a whole other level consciously–one of spaceships and birthday parties. ย He’s like Sun Ra, Junior Kimbrough, Arthur Russell, and a minimalist modern composer all wrapped up into one (he also had help on this record from Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox and the Black Lips’ Cole Alexander). ย It’s crazy. AND it’s great.

“Last year, at 62, after decades of singing while he worked, Holley released his jarring debut album, Just Before Music, a marriage of improvised keys and the rambling, hollow bellow of his voice, as well as the first original recording put out by the archival folk label Dust-to-Digital. This year, heโ€™ll tour, and he recently starred in a Whitney Museum group show, โ€˜Blues for Smoke.โ€™โ€ โ€“ย The Fader

โ€œLonnie Holley sings with an intense, emotional voice and unleashes lyrics without consistent meter or rhyme over gossamer keyboard lines that hang in the ether. His music is a blues nebula, splotched with riffy word jazz that shares in some rappersโ€™ collagist aesthetics as well as the runaway passion of a gospel preacher enlivened by the Spirit.โ€ โ€“ย Aquarium Drunkard

Read more on Lonnie over at the Dust-to-Digital site.ย