Our LP of the Month for October is an oldie but goodie.  Finally repressed after the long out-of-print original, which came out in 1998, this record rules!  If you aren’t familiar with Royal Trux or if you’re a long time fan, the world is a better place with this record in print. So, THANKS DRAG CITY for bringing it back.  Those eBay prices for the original were stupid.

Here’s the allmusic.com review:

Not long after they received Sweet Sixteen, complete with its notorious cover of an excrement- and vomit-filled toilet, Virgin Records realized Royal Trux may not be a crossover act. They were willing to let the band go, giving them severance pay and the master tapes to their recently completed album, Accelerator, which was then released on their old home, Drag City. Listening to the album, it’s hard to believe that a major label funded such an exhilaratingly noisy record. Ostensibly the third installment in their ongoing salute to particular decades in rock history — that is, Thank You took on the ’60s, Sweet Sixteen saluted the ’70s — Royal Trux deconstructs ’80s rock on Accelerator, running all the instruments through some sort of electronic distortion, taking away the bass, trying to make it sound processed. Since this is Royal Trux, the result still is indebted to the Stones and astoundingly messy, but that’s why Accelerator rocks like a demon, running over everything in sight. The album sounds chaotic, but there are some great songs hidden under the cacophony, like the explosive “I’m Ready,” the soul vamp “Juicy, Juicy, Juice,” and the soul-tinged closer, “Stevie.” Royal Trux have rarely had both their songwriting and noise under control like they do here, and the result is pure dynamite — possibly their best album to date.