water liarsThe second LP from Water Liars turned out to be one of our best-selling records since opening our doors in March of 2012.  We’ve played “Wyoming” on the store turntable probably hundreds of times and usually someone buys it when they hear it.  It’s that kind of record.

AND NOW, the band is ready to release its follow up to that excellent album with their latest self-titled LP dropping February 4th. We’ve secretly been playing it in the store for the past few weeks, and lots of folks have been asking curiously, “Is this the new Water Liars?” and once we tell them, “Yup!” They always say, “this sounds great…when can I buy a copy?” So, the buzz is good and the record is even better.  There’s still a few weeks left before we’ll have it for sale but if you want to swing by the shop we’ll probably be spinning it.  You can also check out some tracks over on the bands website.