We’re celebrating 12 years in business on Friday, March 1st. 

Read the feature on our 12th anniversary in The Local Voice

From The Local Voice: “I have to thank Oxford for keeping us open for twelve years,” Swider said. “I’ve met so many amazing people that have now become really good friends, just from the record store being there. Also people like Richard Howorth, for opening Square Books in 1979. And Ronzo (Ron Shapiro) and Bill Ferris’ legacies. Those people that came thirty or forty years ago that have made Oxford what it is now. I kind of consider End of All Music to be keeping that torch going for them.”

Our pal, J. Burwell, designed a new t-shirt, which will be available in March!

Our pal, Jack Pendarvis, will be DJing in the Oxford shop starting around 3 p.m. on Friday, March 1st. 

We’ll be taking over City Grocery Friday night with DJ sets by the record store clerks starting around 7 p.m.