We took a train ride down to New Orleans last week to see the Rebels and the Saints play.  We ate plenty of good food, caught a Guided by Voices show, and of course, we found time to hit up two of our favorite record stores in the Crescent City.  We didn’t make it by the excellent Louisiana Music Factory in the French Quarter, BUT we did hit up Domino Sound Record Shack and Euclid Records in the Bywater.

If you are a fan of all things dub and reggae as well as African music, then Domino Sound is heaven.  We picked up some classic King Tubby LPs and a great Trojan Records reggae comp among other things. Domino Sound also specializes in obscure international LPs and tapes.  We were there for a while…

We then took a trip to Euclid Records. Some of you may be familiar with their St. Louis location…also a rad record store.  Euclid has a huge selection of just about every genre.  We bought a little bit of everything, but most notably a great copy of “Einstein on the Beach”–the epic opera by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson–on 4 LPs in a box with some great reading in the liner notes.  We could’ve easily spent a full day here.

So be sure to hit up these shops next time you’re in New Orleans. Tell ’em we sent you!