We’re kicking off 2015 with a bang!

Ever wanted to have a good record show up at your doorstep every month? Now you can!

The Record of the Month Club subscription is live and ready for sign up.


Our record club is a perfect way to get turned on to new music, get limited-edition vinyl releases, expand your taste and grow your record collection all at once.  Each month we’ll select one vinyl record and mail it to your door (or you can swing by the shop and pick it up).  The selections will cover all genres of music and will include new releases and classic reissues–sometimes regional but not exclusively.  We’ll also throw in special promo goodies with each record.  And don’t worry, you’ll never get some totally weird record.  We’re not trying to impress you with our taste, but rather offer you some fine records you may have otherwise missed.

We offer a monthly subscription for $25/month as well as 3-month/$756-month/$140, or yearly/$280 subscriptions (that’s a free record!) plus $5 shipping fee with each record (or in-store pick up if you live in town).  This service makes the perfect gift for the music nerd friend or family member.

Read more and sign up RIGHT HERE.  The first record will ship early February. Stay tuned for more info on the first selection. 

We’ve also started our very own online store where you’ll find all the records we talk about on the blog as well as lots of other store merch.  Check out the online store RIGHT HERE.  Or click the tab on the left side of this page that says “store.”