The future seems weird and dystopian while the record store currently remains a place for folks to feel comfortable, at ease, and welcomed, and mainly, a place to find music that can change your outlook and ease your mind. We don’t know what is going to happen in our small town over the next few weeks and some of us may even be stuck at home. We do know that it’s important to stick together as a community. So, if you’re feeling well, please get out and shop and eat, have a beer, walk around. Just be smart.

We’re going to have a weekend SALE Friday – Sunday, March 13th-15th. Everything in the store will be 20% off–that includes new & used records, turntables & accessories, t-shirts, everything. We’re calling it a “Sanitized Sale,” but it’s more than that…we just want to see folks out and about like normal AND if you’ve gotta be at home in the future you may as well have some new records to play! 

We’re being hyper vigilant in keeping the record store clean and sanitized. Come flip thru some records the safe way. We’re following all the CDC suggestions, we’re monitoring staff, and making sure the record store is a clean and safe space…

We’re all in this together as a community. And remember, if you don’t feel well, please stay home and call your doctor.

We will be limiting crowds in the store just to prevent folks from bunching up if needed, but we really don’t see this being an issue as the store is rarely crowded enough for any concern.

Thanks for all your support through these 8 years as Oxford’s record store. We love y’all. 

Lastly, we’d like to offer delivery service for FREE to anyone living in the city limits of Oxford. If you call (662-281-1909) or email ( the shop and the purchase is at least $25 then we’ll happily deliver it to you.

David & The End of All Music crew

p.s. wash your hands…a lot