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Don’t miss this chance to see Sean Rowe in the most intimate setting AND support the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council at the same time. The show is Saturday, July 23rd and is being held at the “Small Hall” on the downtown square at 1109 Van Buren Ave, 2nd floor. Check out the Facebook event for more info. Go here for tickets.

Bill wrote something about Sean and picked out some of his favorite videos (links below): 

Sean Rowe’s voice is what hits you out of the gate. When I first heard his ANTI debut, Magic, back in 2011, I was blown away. Rowe treads the same territory and is inspired by masters like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Bruce Springsteen, but he’s never derivative of them, always original, always haunting and gut-wreching in his own unique way. 2012’s The Salesman and the Shark is also a stunner, that killer combination of tender and trembling that Rowe’s perfected. And his most recent album, Madman (2014), is an absolute masterpiece—a record I return to again and again for what it delivers to me and how it delivers it. “Razor of Love” and “My Little Man” are two of my favorite songs of the decade, heartbreakers that tear me down to build me back up. In 2015, Rowe released a covers EP of songs by female artists like Cat Power and Neko Case called Her Songs. It’s pretty representative of another great skill he possesses—for my money, there’s no one out there who can bring so much power and meaning to a cover. Search YouTube, and you’ll see his brilliant takes on songs by Springsteen, Waits, Bob Dylan, Richard Thompson, and many others. Rowe is one of the best and most important voices out there. Let his songs give you some hope.



“Razor of Love”

“My Little Man”

“The River”

“1952 Vincent Black Lightning”

“Colors and the Kids”


“Shine My Diamond Ring”

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