paul mccartney thing

(thats our guy kind of in the middle with the red hat on!)

Now that RSD is in the past and the shop is getting back to normal we wanted to let y’all know about one of the coolest things that happened this year for Record Store Day involving Sir Paul McCartney.  Sir Paul sent 109 copies of a rare, autographed, white-label 12″ record of one of his new songs to a select number of record shops around the country.  The record was unannounced and was to be placed in the McCartney section of our store on Record Store Day until any unassuming customer found it and purchased it for $9.99! It was probably one of the rarest records to ever come through the shop and it was amazing seeing a hardcore fan of The Beatles find the record on RSD! So a HUGE thanks to Paul McCartney and his crew for letting us be a part of this crazy promotion. This is why we love RSD, because you never know what tricks we’ll have up our sleeve.

Thanks again for everyone that came out and a even BIGGER THANKS to those folks that make it a point to shop at our store all year long. We love you all!

-The End of All Music crew