Hardcore Silver Jews fans will be pleased to see this new release from Drag City. Although none of the tracks featured in this new “collection” are all that new, they are all hard to find–these songs appeared on 2 now out-of-print 7″s.  For the first time, “Dime Map of the Reef,” and “The Arizona Record” are here in their entirety together on one LP/CD.  The sound quality on these recordings is questionable, as the songs were more than likely recorded on an answering machine or boombox, but that’s not the point.  This record isn’t about the sound quality.  It’s about the content.  This is more of an artifact in the making of a great band.  This release will please Pavement fans as well to hear a young Steve Malkmus screaming and whaling on his guitar.  Not to mention the packaging, which is great–full of Silver Jews ephemera featuring David Berman’s quirky drawings and hand-written one liners.