UPDATE: Only a few weeks left to submit. Some great submissions so far!

shirt design contest RSD 2015

Weโ€™re pleased to announce our inaugural t-shirt design contest for a limited-edition shirt available on Record Store Day in April 2015!


-All designs must have the store name, location, and โ€œRecord Store Day 2015โ€ณ in the design

-All designs must be submitted as a print-ready high quality file (300 dpi or better .pdf would be great). Submissions not sent in the proper form will be ignored. ย Send design submissions to endofallmusic@gmail.com

-All designs can only be 2 colorsย max. You can specify what color shirt youโ€™d like the design on and weโ€™ll try our best to make it happen.

Deadline is March 1, 2015

Winner gets:

-Their design featured on our RSD 2015 shirt and will be sold in the shop on Record Store Day

-$75 gift certificate to The End of All Music

-some free shirts for their friends

-website and social media recognition

Weโ€™ll announce the winner on March 5, 2015. ย The winner gets to keep the rights to their work. ย Weโ€™re just making a one-time print run for Record Store Day 2015 and thatโ€™s it. ย Please email us if you have any questions. ย Tell all your graphic design, artist friends about this competition. ย We also reserve the right to not pick a winner, but man, that would be lame.

Send us your submission to endofallmusic@gmail.comย