We’re putting out our own Record Store Day release this year!

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RSD comp FINAL for website

(Peggy at the Chadwick’s)

Oxford, Mississippi’s only record store, The End of All Music, has a special release coming April 19, 2014 for Record Store Day.  Instead of just selling records all day we decided to make something of our own for the community.  So we enlisted some of our favorite bands in town to make a compilation of songs for a limited-edition cassette. The compilation features 19 tracks and clocks in at just over an hour (see below for full track listing and info).   There are new songs, covers, and old favorites from Bass Drum of Death, Dent May, Dead Gaze, Flight, Talbot Adams, The Unwed Teenage Mothers, Young Buffalo, Sleeping Bulls, Martin Prophet, Plume, E Meters, ILLLS, Sean O’Hara, Water Liars, Jake Fussell, Prehistoric Bird, Bella Machine, Tyler Keith, and Greater Pyrenees.  Some of these bands are longtime Oxford staples and have been putting out fresh records throughout the 1990s and 2000s, while others are just beginning to play around the state with promising results.

Oxford has long been home to a fertile music scene and this compilation hammers that idea home.  And maybe the best aspect of the release is that all proceeds from the sale of the cassette will go to MusiCares—the excellent musician assistance charity run by the Recording Academy of America.

The cassette will be released in a limited number of 250 copies and will only be available at The End of All Music on Record Store Day April 19, 2014.  A digital version will be available following Record Store Day sometime in the future.

Please check www.theendofallmusic.com for up-to-date info regarding this release or call David at (662) 281-1909

For more info on MusiCares please see their website, www.grammy.org/musicares.

Track list:
Side A-

Unwed Teenage Mothers “I Am Yours”

Talbot Adams “Oh My Girl”

Young Buffalo “New Beat”

Plume “Bushay Kushay”

Flight “Kapounding”*

Dent May “Townies Only”

E Meters “Diamond Beaches”

Tyler Keith “Do it for Johnny”

Sleeping Bulls “The Dread Account”

Martin Prophet “You Know? (tape edit)”

Side B-

ILLLS “Lender”

Prehistoric Bird “Toney Brake”

Bella Machine “June Heat”

Sean O’Hara “Timewave One”

Sean Kirkpatrick “Confidant”

Bass Drum of Death “Black Don’t Glow”

Water Liars “Hanging Gardens”

Dead Gaze “Charley’s Girl”*

Jake Fussell “Stockade Blues”*

*all songs written by the artists except “Kapounding” (written by A. Arthur), “Charley’s Girl” (written by Lou Reed), and “Stockade Blues” (traditional)

cover artwork from catspurring.tumblr.com

mastered by Bronson Tew at Dial Back Sound