Girl punk at its best! Coming to our shop on Sunday, September 21 at 3 p.m.! WILD EMOTIONS!

Catch a full Wild Emotions set the night before at the Blind Pig where they’ll be playing with Game Control.  Wild Emotions is currently on a short tour before playing a slot at Gonerfest 11! So don’t miss out seeing them in the flesh.

wild emotions

Distaff rockers from the unlikely indie scene of Jackson, MS, Wild Emotions include the talents of guitarist Daphne Nabors (Overnight Lows), keyboardist Chrissy Valentine and bassist Ruby Rogers (both from the notorious Black Belles). The A-side is an organ-powered slice of gothic garage, creepily effective at that, while the B, in its chaotic, dissonant, fuzzed-out gleeful romp, definitely lives up to its title. Somebody put these gals on barnstorming tour with The Cynics and watch the sparks fly. (—by Fred Mills)

See their facebook page RIGHT HERE!

Records and t-shirts will be available at the in-store show.