“Bill’s Picks” is a new column we’ll feature right here on our blog each week featuring a new release selected and reviewed by our smartest employee, William Boyle–known as Bill to most folks. Bill is from Brooklyn, NY butย lives in Oxford now. He is the author of the novel GRAVESEND and the story collection DEATH DON’T HAVE NO MERCY. ย You can find him behind the counter at the record store on Sundays and Mondays. ย You can buy his books at Square Books in Oxford.

beach slang cover

The inaugural selection for “Bill’s Picks” is the new record from Beach Slang, The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us released by Polyvinyl Records.

Here’s Bill’s pick:ย 

Beach Slangโ€™s The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us is a wild dream, one where Iโ€™m a kidย again, getting wrecked by songs Iโ€™m hearing for the first time but have somehow always known. โ€œIย feel most alive when Iโ€™m listening to every record that hits harder than the pain,โ€ James Snyder singsย on โ€œRide the Wild Haze.โ€ The titles tell the full story: Itโ€™s important to make bad art before you getย to the good, to have a head full of weirdo ideas, to be a misfit, to find a safe place with other hardย luck kids, other awkward throwaways. These songs vibe โ€˜90s in the best way. Not retro fake. Snyder,ย in his 40s, has mainlined The โ€˜Mats. Heโ€™s got that Westerberg-like ability to make the simple sacred.ย Heโ€™s been broken and has had runs of rotten luck, but now shitโ€™s good and he hasnโ€™t lost track ofย whatโ€™s truly important: love and honesty and gratitude and purity and those records that switchedย your brain. Repetition of words like young, alive, heart, love, loud, wild, and free are touchstones as Snyderย drills into the deep darkness to a core of confused magic. These songs get into your blood, andโ€”noย hyperbole hereโ€”this record can save you if youโ€™ll let it. Get safe, the call to arms goes, feel youngย and alive, turn your heart up. What you first loved about music, Snyderโ€™s saying, the nameless thing youย go to songs for, thatโ€™s what really matters. This LP is concise as hell, no fat whatsoever, stripped toย the bone, and it hits hard the way the best punk albums do. A beautiful assault. Even my son, four-ย years-old and tough on the music Iโ€™m into, digs this one. โ€œThis I like,โ€ he said to me the other day,ย bopping his head, as I played โ€œToo Late To Die Youngโ€ for the fifth time in twenty minutes. Turnย The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us up loud, brothers and sisters. Let it save you. ย -Bill Boyle


beach slangWe have the limited, purple vinyl version for sale in the shop.