The second full-length record, Celebration Rock, from Vancouver’s Japandroids is our LP of the month for June. ย We loved Post Nothing and the No Singles collection, and Celebration Rock is the perfect follow up. ย Dave and Brian (drums/guitar) have been through Oxford a couple of times once performing at the old Blind Pig location and then later at Proud Larry’s. ย Both shows were rock in it’s purest form–full of sweaty fist pumping. ย We hope they come back through town for this release, but for now we have this excellent record. ย Celebration Rock is a mere 35 minutes of loud and fast tunes that will make you wanna drink some beers, get sloppy, ย scream the words, and keep flipping the record over for replays. ย The record is pressed on white vinyl and packaged in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with a full-size booklet featuring amazing black and white photos of the band performing live at various locations. ย The records layout remains true to the Japandroidsย aesthetic. ย For fans of Post Nothing, get ready. ย This record rocks and we think it’s THE SUMMER RECORD.