Who in the hell is Jandek? We don’t really know.  No one does.  We know his records can be difficult, in a strange but good way, to listen to.  Maybe a Jandek record is best experienced alone on headphones in the woods.  It’s not the kind of music to put on when you’re wanting to party, have people over, just chill, or really do anything.  It’s hard to explain until you play a Jandek record for someone and they can hear it for the first time.  Most of the time they’re going to hate it.  I’d say 1 out of 10 people will hate it, but every once in a while it’ll make sense to someone.  Trying to tell someone about Jandek is extremely difficult, and trying to sell his records is even more difficult.

When we were opening the store we decided it’d be cool to have some Jandek records.  But we had no idea how to get them.  Turns out it’s easy to get them but fairly primitive in this digital age.  The records are sold (not sure if you can say distributed) by Corwood Industries out of Houston, TX.  They have a website, but no contact info other than a P.O. Box.  So, we wrote them a letter, included a check and they sent us the CDs.  Never talked to an actual person.

Jandek has been a mystery since the late 70s but as of late he’s been more and more in the public.  He performed his first ever live show in 2004.  It was unannounced of course.  Since then he’s been playing more and more live shows.  He’s playing just outside of Athens, GA in late July.  Maybe we’ll go.

There are tons of articles and web write ups on Jandek, but NO interviews.  We encourage you to google him and go down the wormhole of Jandek related material.  Here’s a great fan site, even though it’s outdated.

Or even better! Come check out the Jandek section at our shop and take the plunge.