One of our favorite re-issue labels of late is Seattle, Washington based LIGHT IN THE ATTIC Records.  They are simply killing it with obscure reissues of classic records.  Seriously, everything they put out is worth listening to…not to mention the eye for detail when it comes to packaging and liner notes.  The time put into each of their releases is instantly noticeable, and then you play the record and it all makes sense why they would want to treat each release so meticulously.

As of late they’ve released the excellent Donnie & Joe Emerson “Dreamin’ Wild” LP as well as an exhausted look at folk singer Rodriquez–including the soundtrack to the excellent documentary Searching for Sugar Man.  We still have a few copies of the limited colored vinyl copy of “Searching for Sugar Man.”  Go see the movie and then buy the record!

Light in the Attic is also responsible for the Wendy Rene singles collection that came out earlier this year featuring the hit single “BBQ.”  This record wins people over every time we play it in the store.

Stay tuned for an amazing Lee Hazelwood 45 box set coming out on Record Store Day Black Friday.

Read more on the label at their website here.

Here are just a few of the excellent releases from Light in the Attic that we have in our shop:

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