A few days ago NPR All Things Considered intern, Emily White, posted on NPR’s blog a piece on how she has never paid for any music even though she has 11,000 songs on her computer. The title of the write up is “I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With.” You can read it here.

In response to Emily’s blog post, David Lowery (Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker) wrote Emily an extremely well thought out, and interesting letter on how the music industry–mainly artists rights and royalties–have suffered in the past decade. Lowery teaches economics at the University of Georgia and knows what he’s talking about. He poses many questions and suggestions on the moraldilemma people face today when buying music.

It’s a long letter but if you’ve got some time and you’ve been downloading music for free you should check it out. It got me thinking.

Read Lowery’s post here.