Our LP of the Month for July is Mississippi navite Big K.R.I.T.’s major label debut from Def Jam Records, “Live from the Underground.”  Every mix tape and release from K.R.I.T. up to this point has prepared listeners for this record.  It’s full of the hooks and beats K.R.I.T. fans want–make that any fan of hip-hop records.

“In a time of formulaic approaches to club and radio hits, Big K.R.I.T. is navigating a space of bluesy Southern hip-hop like no artist in recent memory. With Live from the Underground, through deeply authentic takes on his own life and surroundings, [K.R.I.T.] has found a way to create some of the most resonating, least selfish rap music around.” –XXL Magazine

“K.R.I.T. is an old soul that approaches hip-hop from a wide lens; he recognizes the potency of a nonsensical street anthem (“I Got This,” “Yeah Dats Me”) as well as an introspective dose of reality (“Don’t Let Me Down,” “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”). His wordplay remains sharp, especially when pitted against guest stars like 8Ball & MJG and Bun B, and his storytelling techniques, while still developing, remain special. Yet as much as K.R.I.T. holds it down on the mic, his work as a producer (he helmed the entirety of “Live From The Underground”) is even more dazzling. Swamped in buzzing percussion, rattling synths and measured bass, K.R.I.T.’s arrangements successfully steep the listener within his personal mindset.” –Billboard 

” ‘Live From the Underground’ is built over the crisp rimshot now synonymous with ?uestlove and a humming chorus reminiscent of late-’90s neo-soul. In it, K.R.I.T. calls himself “cinematic,” a fair description. Trumpets stab. The piano is high in the mix. Throughout the album, it’s nighttime, it’s hot out and the crickets loom…Live From the Underground is a personal album by somebody who’s prepared, focused, well-versed. K.R.I.T. has gotten this far under his own power, and now he’s primed to go much farther.” –NPR