Parquet-Courts1Ok, we know. Lots of folks are talking about this record. It’s got some hype. ย This band has some hype. ย But you know what? Most of the hype is true and well deserved. ย The reviews are true! ย This record rules. ย The Pavement fan in us can’t stop listening to it. ย But it’s also something fresh. ย It’s rock for sure, but it’s something different as well. ย It’s slacker indie rock in 2014 when most new stuff coming out today goes through a laptop before it’s pressed on vinyl or is synth and reverb tinged to oblivion. ย This record takes us back to the golden era of 90s indie rock while also bringing something new to the table in 2014–a fresh breath. ย Parquet Courts’ last record, “Light Up Gold,” also ruled, and we sold a bunch of copies of it. ย If you liked that record, then you’re gonna freak out over this one. ย The singer also does the cover artwork for all their records, and he’s really good at it. ย The album art is some of the best out there at the moment. ย Buy the slab of vinyl, download the digital version onto your phone, and nod your head along to these songs until you’re singing along to every track.

For fans of: Pavement, Sonic Youth, Ty Segall, Pixies, Replacements