We are excited to announce Resting on My Laurels, a 13-song compilation from Mississippi artist PLUME.  The limited-edition cassette drops on Thursday, October 29th.  This will be the third proper release from The End of All Music. Resting on My Laurels collects some of the best songs from PLUME’s long career–it’s a “greatest hits” of sorts.  Clarksdale, Mississippi native and filmmaker Will Goss has been recording under the PLUME moniker to release avant-pop albums since 2006 while studying art at the University of Georgia in Athens.  Goss then spent time in Chicago where he attended the Art Institute of Chicago.  He now lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

You can catch PLUME live on Thacker Mountain Radio on Thursday, October 29th. We’ll also be hosting the band for an in-store performance and record-release party on Friday, October 30th!


Here’s the tracklist for Resting on My Laurels:

Side A: 1.) It’ll All Work Out 2.) Johnny 3.) Jes Right 4.) Bushay Kushay 5.) Syonara 6.) My Dad’s Lights 7.) Yep Bope

Side B: 1.) Adonis 2.) Bargain Baby 3.) Lydia 4.) Seasons Change 5.) Really Something 6.) Whitetail Buckdeer Part II