Recently our buddy, Chef Hugh Acheson (see tweet below!), called us up to buy some records. He simply wanted to send us some cash and we pick out the records for him. We do this stuff all the time for customers. Folks trust us to send them the goods… we are professionals after all 😉 It never really crossed our minds to advertise this service…until now! Not to mention this makes for a great gift for the music lover in your life.

The End of All Music presents,

“We Pick ‘Em!”


It’s simple. Send us some money and we’ll send you some records.

How it works: You can Venmo us some cash (@endofallmusic) or Paypal us ( and we’ll send you records.

Order minimum: At least $50 as most records are around $20-30. A lot of folks send $150-200 which is a nice stack of records, and it usually comes out with you getting a little discount for trusting us. We can work with any budget though!

Lastly: Let us know what genres you hate so we can stay away from those, and maybe tell us a few of your favorite artists and we can go from there!






Looking for something just like this but last all year long??? Check out our Record of the Month Club subscription. We pick out a new record every month and send it right to your door.